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Forest Ink

Forest Ink is a gothic style fashion brand. They’ve been around since 2009 as a family business. Still, it’s only in the last three years that they started to turn their own designs into clothing that they sell on their website and via a subscription box. Forest Ink has its original design in the niche market of gothic style and is committed to producing high-quality fashion. Forest Ink designs quirky, different, one-of-a-kind styles that have a decidedly darker, gothic vibe. Making the transition from printed t-shirts to a collection of sassy, sexy tops, swimwear, loungewear, and more wasn’t that simple, and RE(SOURCE) has helped the brand to make the transition from a reseller to a designer brand.


Frisco, TX




Forest Ink traditionally developed samples by sending tech packs to manufacturers and waiting a month for a physical sample, which was then tested by an in-house fit model for feedback. This process, often requiring at least 3 rounds to perfect a design, became costly and time-consuming, especially when developing multiple styles. Frequently, the long wait resulted in samples that were significantly off-target, leading to wasted time and substantial frustration.

They introduce over 15 new styles monthly, managing around 50 styles in the sampling phase concurrently. The brand also features plus size community, and faced unique challenges in getting the fit right. As the styles are complicated and intricate, it takes on average 3.5 rounds to get to the perfect sample stage, driving high sampling cost and delayed production timeline.


  • High sampling costs

  • Prolonged production time

  • Lack design specialties


With RESOURCE's enhanced capabilities, we deliver patterns and 3D visualizations in 8 business hours, allowing for feedback based on 3D models customized to fit. Updates, including revised patterns and visuals, are provided within one business day. They postpone sewing the first physical sample until the 3D model is perfect, reducing the average iteration to 1.5 rounds and the sampling time to under a month, with sampling costs averaging <$150 per style.


  • Reduced sampling costs

  • More efficient physical sampling

  • Faster turnaround overall

Saved sampling rounds

2 rounds

Reduced production time

3 months

Samping cost

$500 vs $150

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with the RESOURCE team. The 3D rendering greatly speeds up sampling process. The quick turnaround and high qualities of patterns have really helped us reduce the sampling rounds needed and get to the perfect fit and ultimately to the market faster .”

Beth Welch

Owner | Forest Ink

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